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Robert Burns, or Rabbie Burns as he’s affectionately known in Scotland, was a poet and lyricist. But to many, he’s so much more than that. Robert Burns is an inspiration, a cultural icon and a hero. Not only is he Scotland’s national poet and possibly the most famous Scottish poet to have ever lived, but he’s also a symbol of Scottish national identity. From his early life to his lasting legacy we’re talking all things Robert Burns.


His birthday was the 24th of January 1759 and he was the eldest of seven children. His father was a tenant farmer who did back-breaking work to try and make a living off the land. Alongside helping his father on the farm, Robert Burns spent his childhood reading, writing, learning French and studying Scripture. This early exposure to culture sparked the creative fire in Robert Burns. Rarely having time to sit and ponder poems, he would compose them in his head as he toiled. 

In 1784, Robert Burns’ father died. Despite all his hard work and relentless effort, he died a penniless and bankrupt man. Seeing how his father had struggled and was beaten down deeply affected Robert Burns’ life view. He rebelled against the social order of his day and was a bitter satirist of any inhumanity he perceived in political or religious policies. 

With the death of his father, Robert Burns became head of the family. Together, he and his brother continued to run the farm. However, only two years later Rabbie Burns was facing significant financial troubles. Not only was the farm majorly unsuccessful but he had made two women pregnant. At this point, Burns decided to do the only thing any reasonable man would do - move to Jamaica! To try and make money for the journey, he published his first collection Poems in the Scottish Dialect in 1786. His poetry was an immediate success. So successful in fact that Dr Thomas Blacklock persuaded Burns to stay in Scotland and in 1787 an Edinburgh edition of the poems was published.

Wish Robert Burns a happy birthday with us. Make these cute peg dolls with Michaella. You can also follow our fun trail at Burns House Museum... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT BURNS ON YOUR 255th BIRTHDAY. was born in Alloway in Ayrshire in the Southwestern part of Scotland on January 25th 1759.


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