Happy Birthday Kenya Moore
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Happy Birthday Kenya Moore. Actress Kenya Moore turn 46. Kenya I hope god bless you on your birthday. I hope god bless you with many more birthdays. I hope this day is fill with love and laughter and luxury. Kenya I hope you always look young and beautiful. I hope your dreams come true this year. I hope you find  the love you looking for. Dang Kenya you had a wild year. I mean me mentioning you in my blog and we still didn't met. Lorenzo Nation make it happen a selfie of me and Kenya Moore. I know Lorenzo  Nation you   

Last week was a good week. I wish Kenya Moore. Happy Birthday on January 24 2016. she turn 45. she look good for 45. I hope she always look young and youthful and beautiful. I hope she have good health. I hope she find love. I hope she receive her riches. I was a Kenya Moore fan for years. I always want Kenya Moore to be a big time actress.  I hope she have a good year. I hope to see a loving caring Kenya Moore. I hope she have success on her show RHOA and book. I hope we meet one day. I would love take a photo with her. It would be cool to see photo on internet why I wish her a happy birthday. I was a fan of Kenya Moore since she won MS. USA. she was first dark skin African American woman to win MS USA. I A black man that loves beautiful dark skin African American women.

It was a good week. my photo was first for Lorenzo Simmons images on google. this is the first time it was number one. I finally put my picture on the internet in October 2015. I was on the internet  since 2001. since I started using the computers in Parkchester library 2001. I one of those people if you don't have money for good computer use your public library. now 2016 people know what I look like. people finally know what Lorenzo Simmons the founder of the harvest look like. people finally know what Lorenzo Simmons born November 23 1967 look like.

happy birthday

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happy birthday