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Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday is a federal holiday in the United States that honors the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. It is observed on the third Monday of January each year, which is around his birthday, January 16. It’s been thirteen years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. passed away in 1968, but he still has much to teach us about justice and equality. In honor of this day, let’s take a look at some of the most important quotes from his speeches and essays for inspiration:

It seems like just yesterday that Martin Luther King Jr. led the Civil Rights Movement, yet it’s hard to believe he’s been gone for over 50 years! Yet, his legacy lives on through many of the things he fought for. From voting rights to civil rights, gender equality, healthcare reform, and immigration reform, Dr. King was an activist who never stopped fighting for what he believed in. On this day in history where we reflect back on his life and work, here are some quotes to help you celebrate his legacy.

On the day to honor the civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK), it is worth reflecting on his legacy. His fight for social justice and non-violent protest techniques led to many life-changing moments in American history. MLK’s dream of an equal society that thrives on diversity has never been more relevant than now. It’s not just about paying homage to one of America’s heroes today. It’s about living up to his legacy and following his example. One way you can do this is by learning how to be a better leader by emulating MLK’s commitment to equality and tolerance. Here are some ways you can lead like MLK today so that we can continue the work he started so many years ago, together.

Every Year is celebrated annually on January 17th Happy MLK Day In the United States. This is a very popular Special  Federal Celebration day in The US.


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